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Summer Camp

Camp is a powerful and focused time for our students. They will experience an environment of focused prayer, ministry, worship, fellowship, and fun like no other time. Year after year our children's lives are transformed, and

they come back with a new vision and passion for Jesus and His mission.  Scholarships are available, and this investment truly has no price tag. 

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registration opens Sunday, February 5 @ 8:30pm 


  • 1 Medium Bag or smaller for clothes (2 sets of clothes for each full day (3 full days) and 2 travel days).

  • 1 bag for bedding OR 1 Large bag for both clothes and bedding.

  • Check out FUGE dress code here and below.

  • Bedding & Pillow (twin) 

  • Bath Towels & Toiletries.

  • Bible & Pen.

  • Sun Protection / Water bottles.

  • Sneakers for rec time.

*No open-toed sandals for recreation times will be allowed.

  • Bathing suit - There is a pool :). 

  • Snacks & Drinks permitted.


  • Dinner on the way to camp

  • Snacks & Drinks on site daily

  • FUGE Merchandise & clothing

  • Linner on the way back home

$75 is a good amount


We will be traveling by 1 charter bus and are asking students to be at the church by 8:00AM, so we can pack the trailer and leave in a timely manner.  


We will be Returning to the church on Friday around 4:30PM.

Needed Parent Forms to be filled out will appear here as FUGE makes them available.

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