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Payment Options

Pick one of the 2 payment options below. (If more time is needed or a scholarship is needed, please contact Pastor James).

​1st Pay - June 4

 2nd Pay - June 25 

  2 payments of $300

June 25

1 payment of $600

What a day Looks Like

Start of each Day
Each day starts with breakfast and devotional times for the students.
Youth leaders join together during this time for in-depth sessions with the main speakers on how to build a gospel advancing ministry that is set up for creating disciples who can make disciples.

Morning session & Core Training
The majority of each morning is spent in a general session and then breakout training in smaller groups to gain and practice the skills of the G.O.S.P.E.L. and how to relationally start, engage and finish a spiritual conversation.

Yes, we allow the attendees to have a break for lunch each day : )

Every afternoon has some kind of activity for the attendees. Tuesday’s activity is a prayer experience that is the culmination of a day and a half of intentional training and teaching on praying for the lost. Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are filled with students Caring and Sharing the gospel with people in the community/city. Friday afternoon is spent with the students and youth leaders finalizing their plans for how they want to reach their community for Christ when they get home.

The evening sessions are reserved for worship and inspirational teaching by our group of dynamic speakers. After the session we’ve set aside time for youth groups to connect and debrief what’s going on and how they are experiencing God moving in their hearts and lives.

We will be following all current Covid-19 guidelines for travel and participation at the time of this event. 

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