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HS Girls Trip

September 10 - 11

Who is Jackie Hill Perry?

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, poet, and artist whose work has been featured in publications that include The Washington Times, The 700 Club, and The Gospel Coalition. She has authored three books – two Bible studies and one titled Gay Girl, Good God, in which she offers hope and help for those struggling with homosexuality. She and her husband, Preston, have two children. Learn more about Jackie by visiting her website,

What is the Glory conference about?

After a weekend at Glory, you’ll walk back into the world with opened eyes, seeing how God’s glory fills the whole earth and every cavern of your heart.

At the intersection of culture and faith, Jackie Hill Perry invites you to take a seat wherever you are alongside other sisters in Christ. Whether your Bible is dog-eared and underlined or you’re just figuring out the whole Jesus thing, this space is for you and for God. And we hope you’ll meet Him here.

At Glory, you’ll:

  • Hear more about God than you do about yourself

  • Leave with a better understanding of who God is

  • Receive straightforward, truth-filled, refreshingly authentic teaching

The Total Cost of the Trip is $100, which covers travel, registration, and lodging. Money for meals will not be covered and will be on own. 

*Money will be requested after student's application is received (below)

Hotel will be detemined soon.

When Are We Leaving?

We will be leaving from Kingdom parking lot at 1:00pm on Friday. We are asking for everyone to be at the church by 12:30pm so we can pack the vans and go over any other preliminary details. We plan on arriving back at Kingdom around 11PM on Saturday.


What Do We Bring?

One  CARRY-ON size bag per person, plus a backpack with pillow (if desired, we know hotel pillows aren't the most comfortable). Since we are staying at a hotel, towels and bathing toiletries are not needed. 


What About Spending Money?

Students will need money for all meals, snacks and drinks on the way to and from DC, and during their stay.

Souvenirs will also be sold at the conference, and we may take a small shopping trip in DC during free time, so designate accordingly.


If you have any other questions, please contact Pastor James at

Let us know you are interested below by Thursday, September 2 @ 12:00pm

Thanks for submitting!

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